Sailing in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus

Imagine setting sail to the edge of the earth without charts, GPS or any of what most sailors consider essentials. Setting off for an unknown number of days or weeks. This is what Christopher Columbus…

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The Day our Dream Came True

Everyone always talks about cutting the dock lines and setting off into the sunset, never looking back.  It’s sure easy to talk about until the exact moment it actually happens. The moment that separates you…

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Tips for Crossing the Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream has its fair share of obstacles to plan around, making anyone’s first crossing feel pretty stressful, boat breaking, and at times dangerous if not planned. Having made our first crossing only 3…

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Johnstone Strait

There are a few areas in the Pacific Northwest that are notorious for unpredictable, dangerous and exciting conditions.  One of those places in Johnstone Strait.  This stretch of water is a kind of gateway between…

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Dinghy Safety

Life Lessons by Travis (Sailing Jibsea) My whole life I’ve lived by Safety Second…until I became a boater.  So let me tell you why I now err on the side of caution… It was early…

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Pregnant Women on beach in the tropics

Fighting NAUSEA at sea

Are you someone who gets seasick while sailing or in a rolly anchorage? Well last year this was me for way too many days during our cruising season in the Bahamas. Maybe being pregnant while…

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Boat docked on a frozen lake

Living on a Boat Through An Ontario Winter

It was October 31st and the boat sale was now finalized! We had the option to keep the boat on the hard where it was or put it in the water for the winter and…

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Sail boat anchored on a lake in forest

Anchored in a Forest, in the City

For us, living on a boat has meant that we are often either right in the thick of nature with little to no development or services around us, or we are right in the thick…

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