We are passionate about supporting Canadian boaters, both on land and in the water. We understand the complexity of training, safety and licensing requirements as we make our living on the water.


Have questions about the services C-Tow Marine Assistance provides? Check out our FAQs page. Don’t see your question, pick up the phone or send us an email.

I have boat insurance. Why do I need a C-Tow membership?

C-Tow is meant to complement, not replace boating insurance. Unlike most insurance policies, C-Tow memberships have no deductible or limit per call out. We will get you to the nearest port of repair – no exceptions. C-Tow does not cover loss, damage or salvage-related costs. C-Tow will cover costs outlined in your membership package, for less than insurance package deductibles. Make sure you chose the package that best meets your needs.

I’m confused. I’ve been approached by Sea Tow, is this the same company as C-Tow?

No. Sea Tow is an American based marine assistance provider with no boats or Canadian captains in Canadian waters. The easiest way to remember who we are – the C in C-Tow = Canadian. At C-Tow we are Canadian owned and operated, with the largest on-water towing fleet in Canada.

What is C-Tow’s response time?

Our goal is to be on-scene within 30 minutes of receiving a call. However, the response time can vary due to weather, location and the order of calls received. Not to worry, we'll update you regularly so that you know that help is on its way.

Does C-Tow provide 24-hour coverage?

Yes. C-Tow is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What happens if C-Tow is unable to respond?

On rare occasions, C-Tow receives multiple calls at once, limiting our response time. If this happens, we will talk to you about alternative options. C-Tow will cover all costs for approved alternative assistance at a rate of $175 per hour.

What is C-Tow’s coverage area?

C-Tow offers packages that cover many regions of Canada. Look in our membership area or call C-Tow at 1-888-354-5554 to find the package for your area.

How do I contact C-Tow when I need help?

Call us 24-hours a day at 1-888-419-CTOW (2869). While we also monitor VHF 16, phone is more reliable. VHF has limited strength, with broadcast areas being very busy during summer months. The Canadian Coast Guard will also contact C-Tow for you if you’re out of cellular range.

The best way to contact us is to download our free app. It gives your exact longitude and latitude so that we know exactly how to find you.

Download the C-Tow app!

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How soon after purchasing my C-Tow membership is it activated?

Your C-Tow membership will be active 48 hours after being purchased. Any incidents prior to your C-Tow membership being activated are not covered. So be prepared, keep your C-Tow membership current.

Can I call C-Tow if I’m not a member?

Yes. We respond to all calls. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

Does my C-Tow membership cover my vessel if it sinks or is damaged?

No. You would need to contact your boat insurance provider. C-Tow’s services are aimed at getting you back up and on your way. Some services covered by our membership plans include towing, soft un-groundings, fuel delivery and jump starts.

What’s the difference between towing and salvage?

Groundings requiring less than 30 minutes of on-scene service are billed as towing. Anything over 30 minutes is billed as salvage.

What standards do your vessels abide by?

C-Tow contractors use Transport Canada inspected and approved vessels. Our operators are Transport Canada licensed, trained and insured.

How do I become a C-Tow Captain?

To apply to be a Captain, please fill out this form.

Call us at 1-888-419-CTOW (2869) or email us info@c-tow.ca for a complete list of requirements. The basic requirements are:

  • Transport Canada approvals for vessel and operators
  • Proof of insurance
  • Availability
  • Positive, friendly and outgoing attitude

If you’re the right candidate, we will work with you to meet our requirements.

Is C-Tow membership for the boat or person?

C-Tow covers the boat and all immediate family members as well as partners in the boat.

The C-Tow App

C-Tow is always ready to serve our members. Designed by Canadians for boaters in Canada, our free app is another way we provide stress-free boating for you and your family. Think of the C-Tow App as a boater’s best friend. It allows boaters to connect immediately with our 24/7 dispatch centre to get the friendly and knowledgeable support you’ve come to rely upon.

The app pinpoints the exact longitude and latitude of your vessel through your phone’s GPS. This means a quicker response time to your location. Something we know is important to you when you’re needing help.

Download the free C-Tow App to ensure the support you need is at your fingertips. It’s another way we provide unmatched service that you can trust!

C-Tow App

The C-Tow app allows you to:

  • Check current Environment Canada marine weather conditions, including weather alerts
  • See Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s tide predictions for coastal areas
  • Check your speed and compass heading
  • Locate nearby marinas, marine facilities and fuel docks
  • Check current weather reports from members or submit your own weather updates
  • Pin point your location through your phone’s GPS
  • Provide C-Tow dispatch your latitude and longitude for fast and accurate response to your vessel
  • Join, view or update your C-Tow membership
Download the iPhone C-Tow Marine Assistance AppDownload the Android C-Tow Marine Assistance App

Marine Links

While there are many resources available to boaters, the following links are maintained by the Government of Canada. To ensure you are following the most current regulations, make sure you check the links below regularly.