Who Provides Emergency Services?

  • Service to members is provided by independent contractors (Operators) working with C-TOW. C-TOW has screened its operators to determine that they have the expertise, equipment and licensing necessary to provide the services described. While C-TOW is not responsible for the acts or omissions of these independent operators, C-Tow will assist in resolving any issues that may arise.

Limits of Service

  • C-TOW endeavors to provide continuous service throughout the year, but cannot guarantee that Operators are always available to attend as requested by our members. If a member is unable to contact C-TOW or if the request for assistance is outside of a traditionally C-Tow serviced area; and require services of marine contractor not affiliated with C-TOW, the Member should pay for the service and submit a detailed receipt to C-TOW within 7 days for reimbursement consideration. Payment might be declined if the member did not use reasonable efforts to contact C-TOW or if the Member did not allow sufficient time for C-TOW to respond. Amounts payable will be based upon standard C- TOW rates of $175/hr assuming 25Kn response speed and 6Kn towing speed.
  • C-Tow Membership coverage becomes active 48hrs after purchase. All claims that are a result of mechanical or other failure that existed prior to obtaining C-Tow coverage are not eligible for coverage under the C-Tow membership program and will be billed an hourly rate for service.
  • C-Tow will not dispatch their operators in severe weather situations in which the safety of their operators will be jeopardized.
  • Elective tows from dock to dock or Tow outside of C-Tow coverage area (See website) are not covered but may be arranged at a reduced rate with sufficient notice.
  • Major groundings Hard Aground or Salvages are not covered (defined as taking more that 30 minutes to re-float vessel) are not covered.
  • Dock side assistance is not covered if land based assistance is available
  • Membership covers two incidents per membership, with Captains and Commander package and unlimited calls Admiral or Explorer package. C-Tow will dispatch a vessel once per incident. It is up to the owner to make complete repairs. Coverage is for pleasure use vessels,
  • Commercial vessels are charged double rate.

Eligibility for Services

  • Membership in C-TOW covers the registered vessel; owner(s) and is extended to immediate family members. A registered member must be on board. C-Tow covers incidents resulting from breakdown or accident. Vessel must have sufficient and properly skilled and licensed crew onboard.
  • Vessel Tender “Dingy” coverage available as an add-on option. Max length 15ft 70hp


  • C-TOW does not offer membership fee refunds. C-Tow will transfer remaining coverage to another vessel or owner at no cost

Other Conditions

  • All services performed are at the Members risk.
  • C-TOW is the operating name of C-TOW Marine Assistance Ltd., its Operators, officers, crew, servants, agents and independent contractors. All limitations contained in these Terms and Conditions shall extend to C-TOW Marine Assistance Ltd., its Operators, officers, crew, servants, agents and independent contractors, all of whom are referred to collectively as C-TOW. Terms may be updated from time to time
  • C-TOW shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expense, or costs for personal injury or property damage including economic loss while carrying out services to its members.
  • If C-TOW is found to be liable to a member for any reason, the amount of this liability shall not exceed the sum of $500.00. The Member agrees that this limitation of the
    amount of the liability is a genuine pre-estimate of its liabilities.
  • C-TOW shall not be liable if for any reason at all it is unable to provide service to a member.
  • The member shall indemnify and save harmless C-TOW for any damages, liability, suits, claims, demands, or expenses.

Emergency Benefits

  • Minor adjustments and minor repairs to enable a disabled Members vessel to proceed under its own power.
  • Battery boosts to enable a disabled Members vessel to proceed under its own power. For safety reasons, members will not receive battery boosts at home ports or in order to
    embark on a voyage. On-water jump starts will be performed on scene only if the Captain, in his/her sole discretion, determines that the service can be performed safely.
  • Delivery of emergency supplies or fuel, when available to a Member (cost of fuel/supplies paid by member).
  • Towing to the nearest dock or ramp where marine mechanical services can be made available. *Trent Canal and North Channel to Britt and Blind Channel to Cape Caution ; Tows will be to nearest dock or boat ramp, tows will be to closest dock or ramp additional will be billed hourly
  • Towing of Members from soft groundings (more than 30 minutes on scene will incur salvage fees of $250-$350 per hr).
  • Shepherding in fog, radio checks and local information and communication.

Remember – in Dangerous or Life Threatening Situations

  • Your first call in a dangerous or life threatening situation should always be to the Coast Guard. *16 on cell phone or call 911 or ch 16 on VHF
  • C-Tow is set up to respond to marine difficulties of a non-life threatening nature.
  • C-Tow operators are not equipped to deal with every emergency situation that may arise at sea.