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Terms and Conditions of Membership

Who Provides Emergency Services?

  • Service to members is provided by independent contractors (Operators) working with C-TOW. C-TOW has screened its operators to determine that they have the expertise, equipment and licensing necessary to provide the services described. While C-TOW is not responsible for the acts or omissions of these independent operators, we will assist in resolving any complaints that may arise.

Limits of Service

  • C-TOW endeavors to provide continuous service throughout the year, but cannot guarantee that Operators are always available to attend as requested by our members. If a member is unable to contact C-TOW and uses the services of marine contractor not affiliated with C-TOW, the Member should pay for the service and submit a detailed receipt to C-TOW within 30 days for reimbursement consideration. Payment might be declined if the member did not use reasonable efforts to contact C-TOW or if the Member did not allow sufficient time for C-TOW to respond. Amounts payable will be based upon standard C-TOW rates assuming 20Kt response speed and 5Kt towing speed.
  • C-Tow Membership coverage becomes active at 9am the day following purchase. All claims that are a result of mechanical or other failure that existed prior to obtaining C-Tow coverage are not eligible for coverage under the C-Tow membership program and will be billed an hourly rate of $230 for service.
  • C-Tow will not dispatch their operators in severe weather situations in which the safety of their operators will be jeopardized.
  • Elective tows from dock to dock are not covered but may be arranged at a reduced rate with sufficient notice.
  • Major groundings or salvages are not covered as these are insurable claims.
  • Dockside assistance is not covered if land based assistance is available (e.g.,when a taxi to a local garage to get a battery is available).
  • Membership covers two incidents per fiscal year. With Captains Package and unlimited calls Admiral Package. C-Tow will dispatch a vessel once per incident. It is up to the owner to make repairs after C-Tow assistance has been provided.

Eligibility for Services

  • Membership in C-TOW covers the vessel registered as owned by the member. Registered member(s) must be on board.


  • C-TOW reserves the right to cancel a membership on 14 days notice, refunding the Members fee.

Other Conditions

  • All services performed are at the Members risk.
  • C-TOW is the operating name of C-TOW Marine Assistance Ltd., its Operators, officers, crew, servants, agents and independent contractors. All limitations contained in these Terms and Conditions shall extend to C-TOW Marine Assistance Ltd., its Operators, officers, crew, servants, agents and independent contractors, all of whom are referred to collectively as C-TOW.
  • C-TOW shall not be liable to anyone for any loss, damage, expense, or costs for personal injury or property damage including economic loss while carrying out services to its members.
  • If C-TOW is found to be liable to a member for any reason, the amount of this liability shall not exceed the sum of $500.00.  The Member agrees that this limitation of the amount of the liability is a genuine pre-estimate of it´s liabilities.
  • C-TOW shall not be liable if for any reason at all it is unable to provide service to a member.
  • The member shall indemnify and save harmless C-TOW for any damages, liability, suits, claims, demands, or expenses.

Emergency Benefits*

Service at sea to Members in the area bounded in the North on a line from Grante Pt Quadra Is, following Okisollo Channel, Hole in the Wall, Raza Passage, Pryce Channel to Brettell Pt, Homfray Channel and in the South by Carmanah Pt Juan de Fuca Strait and the US boundary.

  • Minor adjustments and minor repairs to enable a disabled Members vessel to proceed under its own power.
  • Battery boosts to enable a disabled Members vessel to proceed under its own power.
  • Delivery of emergency supply of fuel, when available to a Member (cost of fuel paid by member).
  • Towing to the nearest dock where marine mechanical services are available.
  • Towing of Members from soft groundings (more than 30 minutes on scene will incur salvage fees).
  • Shepherding in fog, radio checks and local information and communication.

Remember - in Dangerous or Life Threatening Situations

  • Your first call in a dangerous or life threatening situation should always be to the Coast Guard.
  • C-Tow is set up to respond to marine difficulties of a non-life threatening nature.
  • C-Tow operators are not equipped to deal with every emergency situation that may arise at sea.