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Marine Assistance FAQ

Find answers to common questions about C-TOW Marine Assistance and on-water coverage for members.

• I have boat insurance, do I need a C-Tow membership?
Most insurance policies have a deductible and limit for claims. C-Tow has no deductable or limit per call-out. We will get you to the nearest port of repair, no exceptions. Having boat insurance is very important as C-Tow does not cover loss, damage, or salvage-related costs. C-Tow will only cover items outlined as per your C-Tow membership package.
• What is the C-Tow response time?
C-Tow endeavours to be on-scene within 30 minutes of receiving a call. Response time is dependent upon weather, location, and the order of the calls received.
• What hours is C-Tow available?
C-Tow is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• What do we do if C-Tow is, for whatever reason, unable to respond?
On rare occasions, C-Tow receives multiple calls at the same time, which may limit our response time. With the approval of C-Tow, alternative assistance may be used. C-Tow will cover all cost at a rate of $175 per hour.
• What is the C-Tow coverage area?
In British Columbia, our coverage area ranges north to the top of Vancouver Island, including Cape Caution and the Broughton Islands, as well as west to Tofino. Our area extends through the Georgia Strait, the Gulf Islands, and to the south, covering the Victoria area, as well as across the U.S. border to mainland Washington including the San Juan Islands. In Ontario, we also serve the Canadian waters of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, the St. Lawrence River, and Georgian Bay. C-Tow will service vessels outside of these areas at an hourly rate.
• How do I get in touch with C-Tow when I need assistance?
C-Tow monitors the hotline 1-888-419-CTOW (2869) 24 hours a day. C-Tow also monitors VHF 16. Phone is the preferred method as VHF has limited strength, and broadcast areas and can be very busy during summer months. Canadian Coast Guard will contact C-Tow on your behalf if you are out of cellular range.
• If I purchase a C-Tow membership, when can I use it?
C-Tow memberships become active at 9am the day following purchase. C-Tow does not provide membership coverage for incidents or anything related to incidents prior to obtaining a C-Tow membership.
• Can I call C-Tow if I am not a member?
Yes. C-Tow responds to all calls. Non-members will be charged an hourly rate of $235 per hour for towing and general assistance. Salvage rates vary.
• Does my C-Tow membership cover my vessel should it sink or sustain damage?
C-Tow is designed to provide coverage for towing, soft un-groundings, fuel delivery, jump starts and things of that nature. Our services are meant to get you back up and on your way. Your vessel insurance policy should cover your vessel for all loss or damages. C-Tow does not cover loss or damages.
• What is the difference between towing and salvage?
Call-outs requiring less than 30 minutes of on-scene service are billed as towing. Call-outs requiring an excess of 30 minutes of on-scene service are billed as salvage.
• What type of service vessels does C-Tow use?
C-Tow contractors use Transport Canada inspected and approved vessels. C-Tow operators are all Transport Canada licensed, trained and insured.
• How do I become a C-Tow Contractor?
The first step is to contact C-Tow at 1-888-419-CTOW or info@c-tow.ca. The basic requirements are: Transport Canada Approvals for vessel and operators, insurance, availability, and a positive friendly, outgoing attitude. Please contact C-Tow for a complete list of requirements. We will work with the right candidates to help them obtain necessary requirements.